Attorney Wittorff and his staff have been extremely successful in winning awards for clients in all types of personal injury cases. Here are just a few...

Motor Vehicle Accident

$3,000,000.00 settlement
A car accident involving a passenger killed by a drunk driver. The defendant was an employee of a car dealership and was using a vehicle owned by the dealership at the time of the accident. The defense lawyers alleged that the defendant did not have authority to use the vehicle at the time of the accident. Attorney Wittorff prevailed.

$106,000.00 settlement
Client was involved in a motor vehicle accident resulting in a fractured finger requiring surgery. The plaintiff was a surgical nurse at the time of the accident and missed weeks from work. Following the settlement of her claim, the plaintiff returned to work full time.   

$450,000.00 settlement
A disabled woman was struck while a pedestrian and suffered a fractured hip. The defendant claimed that the plaintiff walked in front of the vehicle causing the accident.

$80,000 settlement
Client was a passenger in a vehicle being operated by her husband. They were involved in an intersection accident causing her to fracture her wrist.  She has healed and has resumed all of her regular activities.


Worker's Compensation

$1,800,000.00 Construction Site Accident
A man was buried in a sand pile after he had pulled his truck up to a large pile of sand and began loading his truck.  The sand avalanched, buried and suffocated him. The case was defended on the theory that the individual was improperly on the premises at the time of the accident. Attorney Wittorff proved otherwise.

$1,250,000.00 Workers' Compensation
An EMT was injured as he was transporting a patient when the elevator they were riding in malfunctioned, causing him to injure his lower back. The employee had multiple prior lower back injuries and it was alleged that the prior injuries were the major cause of the employee's disability and not the recent incident. Attorney Wittorff prevailed.

$300,000.00 Workers' Compensation
An employee tripped at work, injuring his lower back and causing him to undergo a surgery at the L4-5 level. The client is presently working full time.  

$525,000.00 Workers' Compensation/ Third Party Claim
This registered nurse, working for a Boston Hospital, took an employee van from a central parking location to the hospital each shift.  The van driver provided a small plastic step stool to assist the employees in exiting the van.  As the client stepped onto the stool, the stool slipped out from under her and she suffered a lower back injury requiring surgery. The client is presently working full time.  Attorney Wittorff won the worker's compensation claim and was also able to get the worker's compensation carrier to waive a $300,000.00 lien.  

$300,000.00 Workers' Compensation
The employee alleged racial harassment at work. The case was tried over a five-year period, the Industrial Accident Board awarded over $300,000.00 in back benefits, and the employee is still currently receiving permanent total disability benefits.  

$225,000.00 Workers' Compensation
The employee injured his knee while descending a staircase suffering a torn medial meniscus, which required surgery. The worker's compensation carrier claimed that the injury was a pre-existing condition. Attorney Wittorff proved otherwise.


Medical Malpractice

$875,000.00 Medical Negligence
A doctor performed knee surgery improperly, over-correcting the patient's knee while performing a tibial osteotomy. The defendant's expert testified that there was no negligence and that the surgery was done within accepted medical standards. Attorney Wittorff received the award for the patient.

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